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Is keeping on top of the cleaning a chore too far? Regular visits from a trained and reliable cleaner means you can get on with other things knowing the cleaning is covered.


The pace of life isn’t getting any slower – if anything it’s speeding up. There’s so much to do, so many demands on our time, it’s no wonder that cleaning can be an afterthought. It’s also true that you never know what’s around the corner – and even the most fastidious of homeowners may find themselves struggling with regular cleaning following illness or injury. Whether you’re working, have health issues or simply can’t stand the cleaning, engaging a reliable professional to come in and clean on a regular basis makes sense.

Choosing a reliable cleaner

Keeping your home clean is important for your health and to help maintain the value of your property – but if you can’t keep on top of the cleaning, things quickly become unmanageable. If your situation is such that routine cleaning is becoming too difficult, a professional cleaner can help.

Our team of cleaners are hard working and reliable. As a regular client, you will be assigned a cleaner who will come every week and will know your house and your priorities. We draw up a checklist for each property, and our supervisor carries out spot checks to make sure our standards are maintained. We also make sure that there is at least one other member of our team who knows you and your property.

Should your regular cleaner be unable to come, your home will still be cleaned as expected. We welcome feedback – the good and the less good – to make sure we’re delivering the best service we can.

Make your home chemical free

While maintaining a clean home is a priority, many people are becoming more aware of the need to ensure a healthy home too. Conventional cleaning products leave behind chemical residues. There is increasing evidence that these residues can impact on our health and aggravate conditions such as eczema and asthma.

Conventional cleaning products can also be harmful to the environment. As a result of investigating more ‘natural’ cleaning agents, we have developed our own range of cleaning preparations using ingredients such as vinegar, lemon and essential oils. As our existing clients will tell you, these products really do work as well as conventional cleaning products – without the chemical nasties you may be concerned about.

Above all, we’re here to make sure your home is regularly cleaned, leaving you to get on with other jobs, or able to relax, knowing that this is one less thing to worry about. We carefully select our cleaners so that you can be confident that you’ll receive a great service and see the same friendly face each week.

Whether your daily life is too hectic to fit in the cleaning, you are unable to carry out the chores due to age or ill health, or you’re working hard and just want to come home to a clean home, we’re here to help. Professional, reliable, hardworking – and healthy and environmentally friendly too!

Give us a call to have a chat about our regular domestic house cleaning services!

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