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Haven’t had the time to do the cleaning? Our reliable cleaning teams can get on top of the problem – whether it’s your home or office premises.


Life is so busy these days, it’s not surprising that sometimes, things don’t get done. Like the cleaning. Unfortunately, if you don’t manage to clean your home or office on a regular basis, the dirt and grime builds up and eventually becomes unbearable – and unhealthy. It happens for any number of reasons – and we’re not here to make any judgements. Our team is here to help you get on top of the situation quickly and efficiently so that you can get your home or office space back into shape and move forwards.

The cleaning quickly builds up

Whether you’ve been concentrating on a big project at work, or you have been unwell and unable to clean – or simply been occupying family during the school holidays, it’s easy to let the cleaning build up. After all, there are many other demands on your time and energy, and it’s easy to tell yourself you’ll do the cleaning another day. If the days slip into weeks and the cleaning remains left ‘for another day’, it quickly builds up and becomes something to dread – and put off even longer. The result is an accumulation of dirt and grime that needs more than just a quick whip round with the hoover to deal with. Not only that, if you haven’t cleaned for some time, you may be opening the door to health hazards which can impact on your family or your employees.

A helping hand when you need it

We don’t care why you need a one-off blitz clean – we do care about your property, though. We can provide a much-needed helping hand to help you get back on top of the cleaning. Once we’ve got your cleaning back to a manageable position, you will be able to move forwards without having to worry about it. If you have your own cleaning routine, you will be able to get back into your usual pattern knowing that you are starting from fresh. If regular cleaning is something you struggle with, perhaps it’s worth thinking about engaging a cleaner to come in on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Not only do our cleaners work hard, with meticulous attention to detail to ensure a superb finish, we use natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning products which we make ourselves. Developed from formulas used by housekeepers for generations, and incorporating natural ingredients such as lemon and essential oils, we’ve been using our own cleaning products successfully since 2015. Our cleaning preparations tackle grease and grime as effectively as conventional cleaners, with the advantage that they do not leave behind harmful chemical residues.

Don’t put off tackling your cleaning backlog any longer. It’s something we do regularly, helping people get back in control. You’ll feel so much better once our team has been in and blitzed – safe in the knowledge that this has been achieved using natural and environmentally-friendly products making your home or office a better place to be.

Smoke Stain Removal

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the build up – get in touch!

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